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Our Commitment

  • Enshore is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of all people involved with our activities and establishing a safe and incident free workplace
  • Enshore is committed to operate with high standards of environmental responsibility including protection of the environment, pollution prevention, sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation
  • Enshore shall provide a high-quality service to meet the expectations of our customers and interested parties by delivering outstanding performance, utilising competent personnel

Risk Management

  • We possess the capability to utilise and implement risk management processes for the required work scope. Further safety initiatives are implemented to further support our Policy commitments.
  • We ensure HSEQ is integral throughout our planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal of our assets and services

Life Saving Rules

  • To achieve the benefit of standardisation and prevent workforce fatalities, Enshore has adopted all nine IOGP Life-Saving Rules as a Company Policy

Stop Work Authority

  • Our Stop Work Authority Policy further reinforces the Company’s absolute commitment and support for our employees and stakeholders to stop potentially unsafe work activities to protect themselves and their colleagues.
  • All of our personnel are empowered to intervene if they witness or are involved in an activity, task or operation that they deem unsafe or has the potential to lead to an accident, incident or near miss occurrence

Continual Improvement

  • A primary objective of Enshore is to continually strive to improve the way we work by monitoring our performance and the encouragement of constructive feedback to enhance overall performance


  • We promote a culture in which all have the belief and commitment to achieve our goal