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Trenching Support Vessel - Volantis

Volantis is home to Enshore's UT-1 jet trencher. Volantis has an extensive global track record for performing comprehensive construction, installation and trenching projects on a highly productive basis in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Australia, and Far East.


The Volantis is a dynamically positioned multi-role subsea construction vessel. Designed for operation in severe weather conditions, the vessel demonstrates high station-keeping capability whilst remaining environmentally efficient. The vessel incorporates a 150 te Active Heave Compensated subsea crane and is permanently mobilised with an Installer Work Class ROV and Seaeye Panther XT III A Work Class ROV.

  • Efficient and cost-effective Trenching support vessel
  • In-built ROVs and home to UT-1
  • 150te Active Heave Compensated Crane
  • World wide operations