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Mechancial and Jet Trenching Vehicle

T3200 is the world’s most powerful and sophisticated subsea trenching system. With 3200 HP of effective trenching power it offers unrivalled capability for the burial of pipelines and cables in challenging ground conditions. T3200 is operated from the Havila Phoenix alongside Enshore's T1000 Jetting ROV, providing the ultimate trenching spread.


T3200’s advanced multi-function product lifting and trench tooling capability enables the burial of all products from large flooded trunk lines through to flexible pipes, power cables and umbilicals. T3200 is the system of choice for the industry’s most challenging burial projects.

  • Unrivalled power and capability
  • Trench depths up to 3.5m
  • Combined cutting and jetting for hard or soft soils
  • Fanbeam positioning in shallow water
  • Active heave compensated launch and recovery