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Tracked Mechanical and Jet Trenching Vehicle

Hugely experienced and versatile, T2 can be mobilised quickly and efficiently to any vessel of opportunity in various different trenching modes to suit the specifics of the project.


The T2 trencher is a dual-mode tracked vehicle with a proven track record for the burial of pipelines, flowlines, umbilicals and submarine cables.

T2 can be adapted to operate in 2m chain cutting mode, 2m jetting or a 3m jetting mode with backwash capability. This offers numerous solutions for product burial and to meet specific client requirements.

  • Dual-mode cutting and jetting system
  • Easily and quickly adaptable for a varied range of modes including cutting and jetting
  • Backfill attachment
  • Trench depths up to 2.0m cutting and 3.0m jetting
  • Modular and flexible for worldwide operations