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Jet Trenching ROV

Nimble, agile and efficient, T1000 is the ideal jet trenching vehicle for a wide range of trenching projects in sands and clays. T1000 is mobilised on the Havila Phoenix and together with T3200, is part of the ultimate trenching spread.


The T1000 is an advanced Jet Trenching ROV suitable for deployment in water depths to 2000m. The 1000 Horse Power (750kW) subsea power system is capable of 3.5 knots manoeuvring performance and 3m maximum burial capability, providing a leading solution for burial of cables, umbilicals and flexible pipes.

The adjustable 3m jet tool allows for varying diameter products and burial splice burial up to a maximum width of 1050mm, whilst downward-facing nozzles provides the capability for burial in all cohesive soils (up to 80kPa) and all sand grades.

The burial arm is fitted with sensors for accurate and controlled cable burial. This high specification ensures that the T1000 is one of the most versatile and reliable Jet Trenching ROVs available. Equipped with a High Sea State LARS Launch and Recovery System, the T1000 can be deployed in harsh weather conditions with up to 4.57m significant wave height.

The T1000 is permanently mobilised onboard the Havila Phoenix trenching support vessel. The combination of the T1000 Jet Trenching ROV, T3200 Mechanical/Jet Trencher and the Havila Phoenix vessel specification provides a step-change in trenching capability within the subsea intervention market

  • Operating depth – up to 2000m
  • Configurable for a wide range of applications
  • High sea state deployment
  • 3m maximum burial capability
  • Sophisticated sensors for accurate and controlled cable burial indication and recording