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Shallow Water Trencher

Modular shallow water trenching vehicle capable of cutting trenches up to 1.2m in very hard grounds in wheel cutting mode. SWT-1 can be disassembled and shipped in standard shipping containers, delivering a cost-effective shallow water trenching solution, anywhere in the world, and in the most challenging ground conditions that would leave others on the beach.


The Shallow Water Trencher has been designed for the burial of submarine cables and umbilicals in shallow water and beach operations. With enhanced technology, SWT1 can be adapted to operate in either wheel cutting or jetting mode, to provide efficient burial depths in multiple soils. The trencher's integrated depressor ensures positive lowering and removes the need for separate post-trench survey operations to ascertain the depth of lowering/burial.

  • Trench depths up to 1.2m in wheel cutter mode
  • Operates in shallow water to the beach
  • Enhanced burial depths via jetting or wheel cutter
  • Easily reconfigurable for client requirements