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Power Cable Plough

Enshore's Power Cable Plough can be mobilised onto a vessel of opportunity for power cable and other flexible product projects anywhere in the world.


PCP is a high-performance power cable plough with the capability to operate around the world, from a vessel of opportunity, providing the burial and immediate backfill of power cables. The Power Cable Plough is ideally suited to the Offshore Renewables market, providing the burial of inter-array and export cables.

With burial performance in a variety of soil conditions, the plough can support either simultaneous or post-lay operations. In certain seabed conditions, an enhanced burial performance is obtained through the utilisation of the 300kW water jetting system, which reduces tow forces and increases ploughing performance.

The advanced power cable handing system has the capability to self-load product subsea allowing diverless operations, resulting in economic advantages to the project workscope.

  • Self-load product subsea
  • 300KW share water jetting system for improved towing performance
  • Trench depths up to 2.4m in current configuration