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Carerra 4

Multi-functional mass flow excavation tool


The Carrera 4 is a multi-purpose excavation tool, ideally suited for accurate trenching, (de)burial, stabilisation and/or excavation of seabed materials. It can perform in a range of soils including clays and sands, whilst the width of the tool is adjustable so that the trench width can be varied during operation. Variable output modes with full positional control provide flexibility and high precision, making the Carrera 4 an ideal tool for trenching or excavation works at cable-end locations which are in close proximity to offshore turbine/platform structures.

  • Variable output
  • Suitable for a range of soils
  • Adjustable trench width
  • Cost-effective
  • High-speed launch and recovery system (LARS)
  • Entire equipment spread within a 20’ container for swift transport and mobilisation