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Backfill Plough

The Backfill Plough is used in conjunction with Enshore's APP and AMP1500 ploughs and provides backfill protection and cover to a wide range of product types.


The Backfill Plough has a proven track record in the backfill of trenched product by returning the soil to a trench formed by one of Enshore's ploughs, including the AMP1500 and APP. With a maximum tow force of 150Te, the ploughs are capable of backfilling all soil types. The plough has specially designed skids which travel inside the trench for positive trench following, which increases the quality of the backfill.

  • Applicable for Oil and GAs Pipelines and Flowlines as well as Power Cables
  • Backfill provides increased protection
  • Backfill for upheaval buckling prevention and increased thermal protection
  • Active steering capability for better control