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The Advanced Pipeline Plough

The APP is an experienced and versatile Pipeline and Pre-Cut Plough capable of operating in a wide range of seabed conditions. Combined with Enshore's Backfill Plough, the APP provides protection to a wide range of products including Power Cables, Pipelines, Flowlines, and Umbilicals.


The Advanced Pipeline Plough has an extensive track record for the Post-Lay Burial of large diameter pipelines and flowlines in multiple soils using multi-pass ploughing.

The APP has also completed extensive pre-cut burial workscopes to specification in addition to the lowering of decommissioned surface laid pipelines. The innovative technology of adjustable skids enhances burial performance in a variety of soil conditions, providing a reliable trenching solution.

  • APP can be adapted for post lay and pre-cut ploughing
  • Can be adapted for Cable Plough system
  • Works in conjunction with Enshore's Backfill Plough