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Advanced Multi-Pass Plough

Designed for the largest concrete coated pipelines, the AMP1500 is the largest pipeline plough in the world. The AMP1500 can be used in conjunction with Enshore's Backfill Plough to provide additional levels of protection to your subsea product.


The Advanced Multi-Pass Plough (AMP) is a proven solution for pre-cut and post lay ploughing of large diameter pipelines/ trunklines and flowlines in multiple soil types.

Recent upgrades to the Plough include a new forecutter type share and pipe handling system capable of safely handling product up to 1500mm.

When used in conjunction with Enshore's backfill plough, the plough delivers enhanced lowering and backfilling of product, even in disturbed soils.

• Share forecutter - improves trenching efficiency
• Trench depths to 2.5m at current configuration
• Handle the largest concrete coated pipelines up to 1500mm in diameter