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Advanced Cable Plough

Enshore operate the ACP2 on behalf of DeepOcean on the Maersk Connector.


Incorporating an aggressive share design with multiple forecutters, the ACP2 is unique in its ability to accommodate up to 300mm diameter product with a 5m minimum bend radius and offer both on deck and seabed cable loading / unloading capability.
The plough offers variable depth control via hydraulically actuated skids to enable safe burial from 0m to 3.3m. The plough has a powerful 150kW anti-cavitation jetting system capable of operating in water depth starting as little as 0.5m to reduce seabed resistance and tow loads.

  • Variable depth control to 3.3m.
  • Aggressive multiple forecutter share design.
  • Pivoting bellmouth for improved cable handling.
  • 150kW jetting supply to share.
  • large bend radius of 5.0m.
  • Shallow water jetting capability (0.5m).
  • Sophisticated lars and tow winch system.