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Completion of UXO removal and ID managed by Enshore Subsea

22nd March 2022

A successful UXO removal campaign, managed by Enshore Subsea, has been completed for our corridor and operational area in Bahraini waters for the Hawar Cable installation project.

Ably supported by SafeLane, Hughes Subsea, RPS and GEO4D, the teams worked in tandem surveying and establishing the best course of action for this challenging work scope, in testing logistical and environmental conditions. Decades of post and pre-war debris had accumulated within the cable corridor, over 800 targets were ID’d as being potential UXO.

Using a mixture of drone and vessel based magnetometry for identification and specialist divers for UXO removal, the cable corridor was cleared to enable Enshore Subsea to receive the ALARP certificate and commence the second phase of the project; cable installation from Ras al Bar to Hawar Island.

Look out for exciting news coming up soon with regards to new and patented UXO ID technology from Enshore!